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released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Weller Hillsborough, North Carolina

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Track Name: Obvious Soul
02. Obvious Soul

Tell me baby, what does the wind say?
Tell me baby, are you listening in the right way?
Tell me, tell me, is it mad? Is it long?

Give it up.
It’s too much.
Let yourself down.
Resize your soul with me now.

“Space is a city.
You just don’t get it
Unless you’ve been.”

Hobbyists poll my obvious soul.
It makes me feel so uncomfortable.
Track Name: Those Days Are Gone
03. Those Days Are Gone

Come on baby, let’s go outside
And be together in the sunlight.
Put a smile on your beautiful face.
It’s hard going, getting to a better place.
Do your hair, do whatever it takes
To get you there,
to get us to be together today.
And if your heart starts crying out for me,
There’s always music.
There’s always melody.

Those days are gone. Who are you?
You think you know, you thought you knew.
Those days are gone with what to show?
You thought you knew, you think you know.

This is not what you intended.
No, it never is man.
How can you continue on
Living with people that confuse you
In places that you’re used to
With things repeating on and on?

It’s hard enough to stay out of your own way.
It’s hard enough to stay inside of today.
Track Name: Fidelity Girl
04. Fidelity Girl

Fidelity girl,
All he ever wanted is here in his ears,
Here in his soundboard
Behind the grey door
With the lion’s head knocker.
She’s writing a turn
In his club-footed bathtub.
He says, “Play! Play! Play!
Play it for me!”
And, “Cry! Cry! Cry!
Cry over me!
For me…
Its all for me
Isn’t it, Lindsay?”

Fidelity girl,
It’s a fetish not a virtue.
He got you any
Way he could get you.
He clothed your lips
After tracking you in secret.
He washed your wits.
It made you feel see-through
Until all that remained
Was your voice.
A sound so pure,
He had no choice.
He said, “Play! Play! Play!
Play it for me!”
And, “Cry! Cry! Cry!
Cry over me!
For me…
Its all for me
Isn’t it Lindsay?

What’s that you say?
Is your mind far away?
Though your body still burns,
You’ve found a brighter place
Where there are no turns
So you don’t have to play
The Fidelity Girl, my!
You look so afraid.”
Track Name: Lonely Buddy
05. Lonely Buddy

Behind your instant smile’s
A place of impending space.
Let me in. Let somebody in.
I’ll be your lonely buddy.
Although I am an outsider,
You’ll know,
Somebody understands.
You’ll know
That you have someone to talk to (at least).

If you can’t sing, whisper to me.
And if you can’t speak, nod and I’ll know
It’s time to go, I’ll take you home.
I wont try to kiss your instant smile.

Oh, our instant smiles…
Track Name: Let It Go
06. Let It Go

Noises all around me
Voices surrounding
Calling for answers.
Choices all abounding
Voiceless the sound
Inside me
A cancer.

This war,
This war, it plays you.
This war plays you off like a chord.

Will I ever be free
From my own company?
If heaven feeds the fires of hell,
I’ll go it alone but with myself.

It all moves around you
It burns and it crowns you
It offers your body to the river.
Fearful are the hounds of all divine sound,
Fiending on the divas’ livers.

This war,
This war, it plays you.
This war plays you off like a chord.

No more!

Will I ever be free
From my own company?
If lovers cannot make us well,
We’ll go it alone in the embrace of self.

Quiet your mind.
Do not speak.
Answers will come in time.
Wonder can make us weak.
Sit with somebody new.
Ask what you can do.
Listen to what they know
And try to let it go.

Try to let it go.
Track Name: The Oscillation
07. The Oscillation

The duration of one Spirit-Oscillation is suitably the length of one perceived human moment. Unnoticed by time-governed investigative controls, Spirit-Oscillations occur in units of perceptual experience by an alerting or alerted permutation of the Soul: a conscious subject engaging a temporal existence. Great thinkers characterize the Spirit-Oscillation as a, “Cout-de-ta of the quieter mind”, poets of heightened emotional cognizance give it form as the union of misery and joy, and Olympians, though indirectly, endure its phases through dissipating degrees of corporeal innovation, per ardua ad astra. Rarely seen by mental faculties outside of human retrospection, the Spirit-Oscillation is damningly elusive, as it is comprised of a multitude of micro-oscillations, instantaneously attacking and decaying within minor periods of the major cycle. Even when alerting to only a slim, shadowy draft of one Micro-Oscillation at the moment of its emanation, though wholly immobilized, the fortunate host is mystically rocketed from whatever entrusted reality and transported to the odd soil of a curious world, to be reassembled as a creature of cosmic intuition and knowledge of things to come. Temporally, we are to be alert. Spirit-Oscillations are erupting all around us! Taking place concurrently, attacking and decaying in the chasm of The Panging Thought, in the trench of The Stitching Word. Witness its infant breath! Search out the yellow glimmer hidden behind its munificent fangs! Perhaps we may only pray to mine the residue from a tooth of a lesser cog in a greater Spirit-Oscillation. Well, so be it! We consider the human life. We are quick to embrace the counsel of dull mystics and lonely seers, might we be the propitious omens who, returning to our families, to our dear, indispensable friends, might we find that, having glimpsed the sight, we are in love with one another more deeply and effectively. Though we do not claim dominion over breath, we may cover our mouths and walk freely through the flames.
Track Name: My Moxie, Your Proxy
snake oil.
Track Name: Know My Love
09. Know My Love

So this is you
Strong-arming your way through.
So this is me
Shoved aside, wondering

Well, how?
Why now…?

Tell me what it is that makes you so certain man.
Does it come from within?
Does it feel it’s from a sacred place?
Tell me how you know and why you understand.
Can I shake your hand?
I see you know, but I don’t know…

Know my love.

Do you trust the synthesis inside of your head?
And all those books that you’ve read.
Or is it cause it is obvious?
Tell me what I need to do to be a good man.
My ears are open.
Sadly, it seems you don’t know, my love.

Know my love.
Track Name: Night Colored Pearl
10. Night Colored Pearl

When I’d fall behind,
Deep in to my mind,
You would be the one
To help me come out.
And when I’d get ahead
Of myself again,
You would be right there
To help me stand down.

But now that you are gone,
I feel like I just don’t belong.
You have a way of keeping me together.

When I’d look in to their minds,
To get my fate all aligned,
You would remind me to
Let the future come true.
And when I’d go hurting myself,
Putting my body through hell,
You would temper my love.
After all, who am I

To think that you were gone?
What gives me the right to feel so long?
You have a way of keeping me together.

You are my Night Colored Pearl
And I’ll look for you at the edge of the world.
Track Name: Venus Fly
11. Venus Fly

Handheld video star
Toe-headed boy
Such a joy.
A hand in the neighbor’s pie
Made him cry
He didn’t know why.
An atlas
Painted blue
Was all he knew
All he knew to do.
Watered till it died
Bathed in the morning light
Venus fly.

What were we supposed to do
With a boy like you?

Growing as the saying goes
“Growing up” I suppose.
Knowing when to
Keep his hands to himself
When to keep his mouth closed
When to drive himself home.

What was he supposed to do
With a mind like new?
What was he supposed to be
In a time so free?
What was he supposed to do?
Reality is untrue.
What was he supposed to be
With a soul like me?
Track Name: Open Your Heart
12. Open Your Heart

What’s the use? This game is fixed.
Try to choose who you’re in love with.
They just don’t seem to get it.
You’d rather be inside your head.

You see him, you see yourself.
You want to, but how could you help?
His voices says it is time.
You voice says, “Man you got to shine.
Shine, shine, shine.
There’ll come a time.”

It was all you could do not to
Show who you are.
It was all you could do not to
Open your heart.
Track Name: Through Their Eyes, I See
13. Through Their Eyes, I See

You’ve been down this road a long, long time.
Footprints turn to wrinkles through your mind.
Has your thinking brought about a change?
Familiar faces although somehow strange.

Through their eyes, you see.

I’ve been down this road a long, long time.
How the world does seem to fall in line
When my heart is reaching out always,
How my troubles seem to fall away.

Through his eyes
I see the boy
That I used to be,
The man I wish to be.

Through their eyes, I see.